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  2. 3 Days and counting...

    Thanks guys...yep all done. Now the crappy part...no weight bearing for 6-8 weeks and then lots of therapy. But looking forward to not having chronic pain and being able to exercise without having to deal with that on top of the old man pains.
  3. 3 Days and counting...

    Mrs. Scuba has been giving updates on FB, sounds like he's in happy town right now with nerve blockers.
  4. 555, The Yankee Dragon

    Will be checking out section from 669 to 78 Sunday. I did hear a while back that there are plans to chip and seal parts of it on the southern end.
  5. Random Thoughts thread

    Today was literally the biggest display of bastard driving I've seen since election day 2010
  6. Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Well, it looks like we have House Bill 280! I just wanted to update you that Rep. Goodman gave sponsor testimony on the bill (now officially HB 280) to the House Transportation and Public Safety committee yesterday, and it was received warmly by the members. We are hoping to have a second hearing on the bill sometime in October for proponents to testify on the bill. All hearings are public, and if you'd like, you're able to come in to testify on the bill. If you're interested, let me know and I can let you know when proponent testimony is. Best,Brent RossmanLegislative AideRepresentative Wesley GoodmanOhio House of RepresentativesDistrict 87Rep87@ohiohouse.gov614.644.6265
  7. Today
  8. Saturday 9-23

    Dayum, Need to keep the go pro charged missed the chance to name another silly ride.
  9. 555, The Yankee Dragon

    Ur confusing it with the dragon spankee
  10. 555, The Yankee Dragon

    How much of the sections are new pavement these days? Haven't been to the Yankee dragon in years
  11. 555, The Yankee Dragon

    Yankee Dragon sounds like something you pay extra for at a massage parlor.
  12. Party at my house 9/23

    Come over.
  13. 555, The Yankee Dragon

    Damn road names. I ride 555 less and less each year.
  14. 555, The Yankee Dragon

    Some FJR guys said that they were told about the Yankee Dragon, 555. The seemed to like it and they were from the Dragon area. Has anybody ever heard it called that? I never have.
  15. Party at my house 9/23

    So my plan is to leave Saturday morning from Toledo and arrive at Iron Pony. Do the Iron Pony/SubD Meetup thing to AimExpo. Check out AimExpo and then after is completely open. Not sure if I plan to stay the night and go back on Sunday or ride back Saturday. Either way I'll be coming down from Toledo with about 7 others so not sure what our afterward plan is. I'll let you know more as I know more
  16. 3 Days and counting...

    Surgery is over, he is back home. It went perfectly well...he had a huge bone spur.
  17. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Not sure what to say. So I'll just say thank you and leave it at that.
  18. 🚁🎥 Cleveland, Ohio. https://t.co/D1ZTY0oNIs

  19. Party at my house 9/23

    I am looking at "logistics" at home to see if I can make this happen. Not for the fjr cases just to meet and greet you guys for being good people More than likely I won't be able to make it since it gets dark so fast and I have to be back home Saturday itself
  20. 2006 zx14 front brake pulsating

    Heat will make a difference too. If the rotor seems to have a little movement when cold, it will tighten up firm once hot from use.....so check them cold. I had an '08 ZX14 for about 7 years. The stock front rotors blued from heavy braking, but never had an issue with pulsation like your talking about....even after 24k miles and a few trackdays on sintered padsets. For starters, I'd put the bike on stands, pull the front fender for a clear view, and watch how it behaves while you spin the front wheel by hand.....maybe have a friend slowly pull the lever a few times while it's spinning too.
  21. Saturday 9-23

    You should prolly schedule your ride for early in the day, so as to avoid any conflict with the scheduled rapture. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/the-man-whose-biblical-doomsday-claim-has-some-nervously-eyeing-sept-23/ar-AAshl6v?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
  22. Random Thoughts thread

  23. Random Thoughts thread

    Pauly, you're full of shit. There were literally thousands of folks downing awesome Pawpaw ales that day. Somehow they all managed to get their beers. And to get into a long line like that for alcohol, and then get pissed because they had the nerve to ask to see your ID (which you didn't have on you??) and leave.....that's on you, not the Festival. You missed awesome music and a great campout And I fully understand your actions, based upon where your head is right now. It will get better eventually.
  24. Equifux

    I'm waiting for new Chase Visa cards since my old one was used to buy Tameka and Elijah Johnson plane tickets on Spirit Airlines departing Oakland, CA! Can't say it had anything to to with the Equifax thing, but I'm still pissed off. Chase covered the charge so it isn't costing me anything. At least not directly - we all pay for this crap.
  25. Party at my house 9/23

    Hey, if you're out and about and want to stop over, I still have those extra side cases for an FJR. Yours if you want them.
  26. Party at my house 9/23

    I'll be around my house in the morning and afternoon if you want to stop by to say hey on your way.
  27. Party at my house 9/23

    Did you go on that long ride last weekend? Sore from that?
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