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  2. This shouldn't happen but, Florida

    At first I assumed it was fuel fumes but the injury area does look like the wind tuned his back into a blast furnace. I hope they caught the driver.
  3. Are you ready to give up your 2nd amendment rights

    TRIVIA CONTEST What will Liberal Media say if Trump is involved in negotiating a gun control bill that gets passed? a. It's not enough, how could any president ever do so little on gun control. b. "pat yourselves on the back it's only due to our activism" c. Russia paid him more then the NRA to disarm us. d. He's 10 years too late. e....
  4. Hi

  5. Hi

    Hi had a few bikes over the years currently I am riding a Fz09 and my wife is riding the duc SS. We are looking to try a track day this year. Any advise is welcome. Gear, bikeprep,...
  6. What did you do to your bike today?

    Supertrapp on a Kaw........brings back some fond memories! Ya got about 18 disks on it? Sweet looking bike, BTW.
  7. 762x39 AR upper & Mags

    7" complete upper in 7.62 x 39 BCG, Charging Handle, Keymod and mags. Ready to mount and go. Includes 6 ASC Mags. 4 never used 2 used once each. Upper has less than 60 rounds thru it and is like new. $375 can meet anywhere between Zanesville and Columbus. $400 shipped anywhere else.
  8. Mapping Programs

    I use Google maps like Dan, but have also done the same thing with the Harley Route planner. I also still have an old copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips (circa 2011, I think) but it will only run on my old Dell laptop with WIndows Vista. Since Microsoft doesn’t suport the software any longer, I cannot run it on Windows 10 machines we own. Plan the routes, save as .gpx file and copy to Garmin and import from the micro sd card. Still works just may not have new roads or waypoints build in last 6 years. Rather than searching for a hotel, or whatever, I find something nearby that was there in 2011 and tie the waypoints to that. It’s worked for 32 states so far..... LOL
  9. They rode it one 62 mile whoolie and that was enough.
  10. Mapping Programs

  11. yeah, one (two) less tools to carry. Will be loaded as it is so every little bit will help For some odd reason, the original owner of my bike, before they rode it 62 miles, had it lowered and also had the gearing lowered. Stock is 15F, 42 R Mine had 14F, 45R (Pauly this explains the barely-fitting stock chain) I have heard plenty to talk of dropping to a 14T front sprocket, for a bit better offroad work without giving up 70mph relaxed cruising. So...today arrived a nice steel 42T rear, to get back closer to stock, and to let me use the stock chain this spring for break in miles lol Also, have an email from Yenkro promising an update soon on the progress of getting my Fairing kit finished and shipped from Australia
  12. Mapping Programs

    Thanks Dan, been following your thread. Time is getting near.
  13. Mapping Programs

    when I need a gpx file for a Garmin route, I usually create the route in Google Maps, save the URL and go to GPS Visualizer to switch the Google route to a GPX file http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/convert_input Then place file in GPX folder in Garmin When the Garmin boots up it recognizes the new data, asks permission to download...and then import the route(s) Viola
  14. Yesterday
  15. Mapping Programs

    What mapping programs are you guys using these days that can be up loaded to a Garmin?
  16. @AlyssiaCaples Aw damn! Well have fun! 🤙🏼

  17. Bike loan questions

    My advice: Find a credit union. Absolutely love mine and they are always emailing deals they have going on including interest rates on recreational vehicles that I just got the other day. Get whatever bike you've been lusting for the longest and price be damned if you can afford the payments. You work hard and the new job sounds like it's going to pay quite nice so why not enjoy the fruits of your labor? Life is too short to not have an extravagance or two that puts a damn smile on your face
  18. What did you do to your bike today?

    As long as the cement is chrome plated, its all good!
  19. Bike loan questions

    "Quack Mother Fucker"
  20. @dubyrodgers They probably invested a lot into it or something. We all have something we are attached to that peopl… https://t.co/I4eMhEbmPb

  21. Hi, I'm Dave

  22. Bike loan questions

    if it walks like a duck... I kid of course, let's not have anyone go ham because they put their own context to my reply
  23. Pirelli SuperCorsa SP V2's on sale!

    Spring is just around the corner, get yourself some new tires. You probably deserve them. Give MIKE a call today to get yours!
  24. Bike loan questions

    Yup, I'm the king of people taking shit I say the wrong way.
  25. What did you do to your bike today?

    Honda always seems to hide weight really well. OTOH, I swear HD tries to make their bikes feel even heavier then they actually are. Last time I rode a big twin (Fatboy) the front end felt like it was made of cement.
  26. What did you do to your bike today?

    It hides the weight well. The front end has a different feeling at slow speeds, but not bad. On the road, it ride super smooth. I hit some bumps and no harsh feeling or movement.
  27. Bike loan questions

    Thanks, I had considered credit union. Definitely not buying new, not yet anyway. Will try lending tree.
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