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Homemade throttle body sync tool, info and pics

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This isnt a how to sync thread because you can find that info in the service manual. I found some great info off the R1 forum for this homemade tool and decided to make it. VERY SIMPLE to make.

When I did my valve adjustment and started the bike up it sounded like a cam'd bike idling. I knew I definitely had to do a sync. After the sync the bike idles amazing again.

1/4 tube .170 inside diameter, I bought 2 20' sections. 2 small 3/16" "F" connectors. Blue zip tied down to the pine board. Pine board found at Lowes or Home depot, it was the 36" long piece and was about $7 roughly. Hard to find but look, they have them!


I just made lines every 1/2" I think there is roughly 14" worth of line marks too. Youll NEED AT LEAST a foot of marks, if your sync was off like mine youll need the extra fluid to see :badteeth:


A pretty shot of the zip ties in the back


Follow the sync directions in the service manual and remove the airbox, little vacuum caps and such, youll end up with this.


Youll need a FLEX screw driver, seriously you will its a pain the ASS getting to the little screws. Harbor Freight, $7 special right here


1 more pic of the HF special


Definitely enough room to do the job with the tank propped up. Its a pain on occasion though so take your time


Here is what mine looked like. EEEEEK :eyecrazy:


1 more


After! All done! It took about 20 minutes at least to get it to this point.


You might ask, how the F do you get the little damn clips back on? Put an allen in the middle of the holes, put over the little nipple and use your finger nail to push them over the edge while you tilt the allen opening the hole a little more.


1 more


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I always just do the paperclip trick. It's close enough for me.

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