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Black whores better watch their backs

Uncle Punk

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before we get carried away, the Onion is a satire production :roll:

You mean like the Huffnpuff Post?

nuh uh! it's all real.

what will these kids come up with next? that the colbert report isn't REALLY a conservative news source?!

Someone tried telling me that The Daily Show isn't really news.

I told 'em to fuck off.

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are you f$cking kidding me theres always something its just a nother way to try to get some ((( UNEARNED ))) money for some bull shit its a f$cking card come the F$ck on i think they all just need to get a fucking life and stop thinking every1 is alway picking on em heres what i have to say :violin:cry me a MFKN RIVER :whogives:

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