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Kudos to 35 Motorsports

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Josun54    10

I just want to thank Reuben for helping me out on such short notice. Friday afternoon I found a small puncture in my tire and I did not want to ride all the way to Columbus and around and then back again the next day for the scavenger hunt on that tire. I called Reuben and he said he would be around to help me out. I got there at about 7pm friday evening and he mounted and balanced an almost brand new Michelin Pilot Power rear tire for me. Cost me $110 with the rim off the bike. Thank you for helping me out especially a friday evening. I dont know any other places that will change a tire at 7pm on a Friday.

He has many many sets of nearly new, or new tires for very very good prices. If ya wanna save some money on tires he is the guy to go to. Will be buying more from him in the future!

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flounder    4,995

So you drove all the way to the south side of Indy from Lima on short notice for a tire? wow that is dedication.

and.. Props to Reuben for helping you out.

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