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Help with Replacing Laptop Display


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My gf is a bit accident prone and was having one hell of day Saturday. She started the day off by crushing my laptop screen. Anyone ever built a laptop or took one apart? I've the spec sheet on how to tare mine apart now I just have to find the correct display... but I'm also wondering if its worth it.

A display is between 200-400 bucks. Mine is about 1.5 years old, in another year or two I'll prob be replacing the battery which won't be cheap. So should I just get another laptop or just rebuild it?

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I've rebuilt laptops before.. replaced a screen once.. it's not that bad really. Finding a replacement is probably the worst part. $200-400 is right on the verge of not being worth it depending on laptop specs. What kind of laptop is it?

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did you happen to have an extended warranty im usually against extended warranties on some things but i know i used rto work at compusa for years and we had a plan to where u could literaly smash the laptop to a wall and they would give you credit for a new one but i dont know about best buys, dont know what the replacement costs for a screen but by the looks of it not to bad depnding on where you go

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The connections for the LCD screen are mostly in the bottom part of the laptop. Which means it has to be opened up also. The LCD screen connector goes to an inverter card that drives it, and it might be in the top part, or the bottom part. There is a data signal connector, and it's usually connected in the bottom part on the system board. Plus a grounding strap on some. I've not done an HP laptop before, just a pile of others. It can be done ok, if you have instructions it helps a lot. I would guess it needs to be nearly completely dismantled. It takes a few hours.

Sometimes there are multiple types (p/n's) of LCD screen in one model. Each might have to match a particular type of inverter card. Usually looking at the parts list will tell which one is which and if it's necessary to deal with that.

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Could you post the model # also ? Should be near the serial #.

HP uses tons of model numbers for some reason. I found the service manual - still looking for the disassemble video (not that its really needed.) From what I've found so far, your cost estimate looks about right, but I'm trying to get an actual quote.

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Product: HP Pavillion dv6500 special entertainment edition

I think the model is dv6648se is on the service tag. Is that what you're looking for?

It'll be either of the bold numbers:

HP Pavilion dv6648se Notebook PC: GS803UA, GS803UAR

Does it have a webcam, microphone, and wireless lan ?

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Ok - I can't order it easily, but I doubt the price would be much different. Probably because it's a Best Buy part and some kind of restriction is on it.

From what I can tell:

Part # 455312-002 // Part is in stock. // Exchange 2

15.4-inch WXGA BrightView display - Includes web camera and microphones, WLAN transceivers and antenna cables Best Buy (Return of defective part required. See note below)

Part cost: $212.80 // Core deposit: $212.80 // Standard 3-4 business day delivery. $11.25 (USD).

For parts for HP and Compaq products call 1-800-227-8164 M-F 7:00am-7:00pm CST

Call to order it, have your serial number and model # ready and have them verify that it is the correct part, verify that your damaged screen qualifies to order the exchange part (you send your old one back.)

Your options as I see em. 1 - fix it yourself. 2 - Pay someone to fix it. 3 - Sell it as damaged, put that money towards a new one. 4 - Buy a monitor / keyboard / mouse and use it broken on the desktop until you replace it or find a cheaper screen on eBay or something.

Let me know if you need any more info or have questions on fixing it yourself.

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