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Funny picture thread.


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ah no, that drawing is just hilarious... dont jump to any far fetched conlusions dear! :slap:


Here is what I read..

Wait, so where are you from... Oh, cincinnati. Damn :bukkake:
Haha. Doesnt matter where i live now... I was raised in the holler :) i only moved to cincinnati a few months ago lol

^ that insinuates that wiener may be one of the main foodgroups for you. :D:D

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PS-- the holler is that space between two big hills where usually a crick runs through and the marijuana plants are hidden. You'll usually find a couple rusted out cars in there too that have been there since the 60's LOL..

Hence the term "down in the holler"

Fortunately I grew up in civilization but got to visit the true hills all the time with my fam. It pretty much sucks.

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