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New Cross-Country Cannonball Motorcycle Record


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Gnarly. I have done one SaddleSore 1000 on the Multistrada. I used a rigid Camelbak backpack that I would fill with ice when I stopped for fuel. I carried several 32oz Gatorade bottles in my panniers and refilled every time I refueled. I snacked on a PayDay or granola bar at every stop as well. I mounted an EZ Pass and wore earbuds to keep my brain awake. I did stop for lunch at a service exit and managed to pull it off in just over 19 hours. I almost fell over in the last few miles because I forgot to put my foot down at a stop light. I damn near ran the thing because I forgot to pull the brake lever. The first 18 hours were a breeze. That last bit where I had to navigate city streets and intersections damn near got me dead a couple times. I was exhausted... and that was 1000 miles and less than twenty hours. I can't imagine doing something like this in one stretch. 

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