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Next round of kids dirtbikes


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My daughters are quickly outgrowing their TTR110s.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to go to MC shops to have them sit on different bikes to see what they like.  The stock in MC shops is not good right now.   I came across a project KLX140, and all the girls really like riding it.   I have seen a couple of TTR125s on FB Marketplace, but they have all had issues or sold quickly.   Are their any other electric start bikes that I should consider for my daughters (other than the TTR125 or KLX140)?  Does anyone have a TTR125 or KLX that they are willing to part with? 

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I believe the Honda XR100/CRF100 and CRF125 and Suzuki DR-Z125 are comparable to the TTR and KLX
There are also a couple chinese pit bike brands like SSR and pitster that might be an option. 
That size seems to be pretty popular as they are still cheap mini bikes but are big enough for adults to ride. Check out OMRL (Ohio mini racing league) if you want to see adults racing these types of bikes on gocart tracks 😆
Ofcourse that probably means they are even harder to find these days 🙁

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2 hours ago, Tonik said:


You of all people should know the answer to this question.



I took the Wing to Washington County to look at some slip repairs this morning.  It's an adventure bike, not a dirtbike.   I did ride through some wet clay.  I still can't believe it didn't go down. 


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On 10/21/2021 at 1:37 PM, Ron505 said:

You work on slips as well, eh?  I've been working on them in the Appalachians for the last 6-7 years. 

We work on a little bit of all kinds of heavy civil construction.  We mostly work in Central and Southern Ohio. 

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