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Bike stolen last night


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Got up before 7 and saw it missing. Took off and found it in 5 minutes across a main road and around a corner on the kickstand between parked cars. Signals and headlight wires damaged. Filed a police report before touching it. Then trying to move it found they screwdrivered the ignition. I had assumed a guy dropped it then gave up. Then that they had a truck parked and failed at that. Now with the ignition I can't figure out what the mental rejects thought they were doing. Just got more expensive and over my deductible. I tried turning the ignition with a screwdriver with the chip key beside it and that didn't work either. Looks like i'm inop for a while.

I admit I've been surprised I've had no issues before. I have a disc lock i had used regularly before this year and had started using last week but not last night. No cameras.

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Lots of dipshits out stealing bikes in Columbus right now, quite a few posts in the last few weeks on the local facebook groups about people having their bikes stolen. Park inside if you can. 

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