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Suspension shop in central Ohio? Picked up a SV650S that needs some work.


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Are there any shops in the Central Ohio area that do suspension work?   I just picked up a 2007 SV 650S that I intend to use for primarily track use.   It's got 26k miles on it, and while I did get some maintenance paperwork, there is no indication of any work being done to the forks or shock.   

I am aware many people chuck a ZX10 or 14 shock on the back with heavier front springs and emulators, but I'd still need help getting it setup for me.    I'm about 200 pounds.   


Any shop/individual recommendations?   Parts recommendations?     Newbie to the track, so I don't need amazeballs, just don't want to learn to ride on a track on a worn out suspension. 

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I've got no nothing as far as shop recommendations go. But I can tell you the rear shock is a pretty straight forward and easy swap, and if your just doing heavier oil and springs it can all be done with basic hand tools. I went with .90 sonic springs and 20 weight oil in the front and a GSX-R rear shock.

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28 Motorsports on the east side of Columbus. They do good work. 4.9 stars with over 100 reviews.
2897 Johnstown Rd, Columbus, OH 43219

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I had a 2000 SV 650  like 10 yrs ago Stuck some 1-1/4 plastic spacers In the front shock tubes to stiffen the front springs and some Yamaha thicker oil worked great Don’t remember what weight it was

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