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Sintered brake pad shopping


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have a bit left on the front OEM Brembos that I just put back in after 1k on Ferodo HH STs that I am not a fan of.(actually got them from someone who didn't like them.)

I've havd EBC and Galfer HHs before.

Considering SBS RST(drag specialties?) or Vesrah  RJL if they aren't similar to the ferodo's

The rear need pads sooner. Will probably try a new brand for it first before making a decision on fronts.

I had ebay sintereds on several bikes with dust as the only drawback. the other alternative is these for the back https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005E1DZYI/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A9NJNMT9ZTSIP&psc=1

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On 6/30/2021 at 12:17 PM, TimTheAzn said:

What kind of brake feel are you looking for? Are you looking for a progressive pad or one that has an initial bite?

I don't know if I've ever held the lever steady enough for long enough to feel any relative  progression in my braking power. Looking for the strongest street pads that are consistent in all weather, 


here are the ST.

Front brake pads | Ducati.org forum


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15 hours ago, MSerfozo said:

I've been impressed with Carbone Lorraine XBK5 pads.

My Brembo monoblocks came with Galfer pads but I'll probably swap to CL before I wear them out.

I was almost set on those as availability for my year is slim for the Vesrah fronts. But then "some guy" on 13x says

"for the record I'm currently on Carbone Lorraine XBK5 and they leave much to be desired......for the street." 

I ordered the vesrah rears as those seem harder to get in the sbs or SC.

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if you didn't like the ST you probably didn't clean your rotors to remove the other pad materials.  this is a big mistake a lot of people make switching pad compounds and brands.  if you don't have a rotor hone then try using a red scuff pad from 3M.  get a few at a autobody paint supply store.  if you don't get all the other pad materials off the rotor you're just smearing it around with the new pads.  they will never bed in properly and never give you all the potential they offer. 

ive had them on my bikes for years and love em.  I have also tried EBC HH pads and they worked just as good.  I tried some Galfer sintered pads and I think the owner didn't clean the rotors enough. they felt wooden.   I know they should have way more bite.



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also wanted to add

in my experience with the ST pads are

1. they warm up very quickly. 

2. they definitely work as well wet as they do dry.

3.  strong initial bite that doesn't stop all the way through to the complete stop.  I don't know how you'd word that.  but the grip didn't fade in or out.  it was the same all the way through.

4.  they're considered a track day/street pad.   they may require more heat than a standard brake pad.

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3 hours ago, serpentracer said:

 didn't clean your rotors

I hit the rotors with steel wool and scuffed the pads. I actually got them from someone else not happy with them after 1k.  The comparison is to the oem brembos, which I used on the stock rotors and a 2nd set of used rsv4 rotors with lighter carriers.

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