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Tory and I are planning to ride to the Dragon this summer (big reason for the Concours purchase).  We rode my normal route today to see how we’d hold up. Close to 550 miles in 11hrs with a lunch break. The Concours and her travel 2 up very well. 



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Tory should be riding your CBR when you go to the Dragon. If the current administration is going to let 16YO's Vote on the national election I am sure we can turn Tory loose on a motorcycle. If you get pulled over just ask the officer if maybe we could just re-imagine the police and enforcement of licensing laws and consider her; (if that is her preferred pronoun) on a parental motorcycle permit and I am sure you will be fine.😁

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48 minutes ago, FatWilbur said:

Very cool that you and your daughter are going to do that together.  She will always remember it.  Have a great time!

This will be a return trip. We did it 4 years ago on the CBR. We trailered down, however. This time I want her to get the whole effect. 

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