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Aprilia Shiver 750 Knowledge

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Has anyone owned/rode a Aprilia Shiver 750?

My lady is looking at a couple, and just wondering if anyone has any input/experience. Is there any reason why they seem to be so cheap? $3k-$5k for most examples.

No too scared of any mechanical/electrical issues, I'm a competent wrench thrower.

She's a taller girl, and won't have an issue with 100bhp either.


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People buying the new ones and low interest in the used market plus low brand recognition. The big bikes get all the attention. I've bought 2 cheap used aprilia Tuonos. The last was close to trade in value. No major issues. Depends on how much power she is used to/desires. Depending on your location may not be a dealer nearby. 

Sounds like they may be discontinued with euro5 smog.

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I had the Dorsoduro 750 which should be almost identical on the engine. Never had any issues and was a fun bike. 

I would highly recommend getting the O2 optimizer though. The engine did like to "lurch" at lower RPMs and this fixed it up. 

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