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bike Italian Princess needs new paramour--$4495 OBO


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2013 Ducati Hyperstrada 821, ABS/TC/3 ride modes, approx 16K miles, factory luggage, center stand, Ducati tank bag. Includes Pitbull rear stand with 2 axle pins. New tires, belts done and many recent expensive new parts.  Yes, there's a story here....
In the interest of full disclosure, I bought this last spring from Pauly and have actually put fewer miles on it than it traveled in my trailer to/from Commonwealth Ducati in Louisville.  Took it for my first ride and BOOM....the ECU crapped out literally 2 miles from home. Turned out there was an open recall that neither Pauly nor the previous selling dealer had completed which fried the ECU and the TFT dash.
PLEASE NOTE!!!  I am not ascribing blame to Pauly, nor do I think he intentionally or knowingly sold a pig in a poke.  Sometimes, life hands out shit sandwiches when dabbling in used vehicles...especially those manufactured in a country with a tri-color flag.  He actually stepped up and offered to help cover some of the repair costs (I declined the offer) so....solid guy.
Commonwealth completed the recall which involved replacing all the coil packs and luckily for me, Ducati NA stepped up and comped the expensive parts to the tune of more than $3000. I paid another grand for new coil packs and sundry labor charges.  Bottom line, all is good with the bike (according to Commonwealth) but I have little love lost for this gorgeous lady....she has to go. If you think you're emotionally strong enough to suffer the slings and arrows of tumultuous love and favor all things Italian, this deal is calling your name.
KBB Trade-in/Retail: $4550/$6600
NADA Retail Low/High: $5025/$6610




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1 hour ago, TimTheAzn said:

I dont need a ducati. I dont need a ducati. I dont need a ducati. 

There is much truth in what you say.  No one NEEDS a Ducati.

Your lizard brain TRICKS you into equal weighting of the NEED:WANT paradigm, totally turning Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theorem upside down... 😵

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7 hours ago, TimTheAzn said:

I kinda low key do want one for a street steed. Was thinking more 848/1098 tho.

That Hyper will eat a 1098 alive on the street. 

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On 4/6/2021 at 11:55 AM, TimTheAzn said:

I kinda low key do want one for a street steed. Was thinking more 848/1098 tho.

get this instead, way better for the street. You know you want it

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On 4/8/2021 at 9:13 PM, MidgetTodd said:

I rubbed my nuts on this bike when it’s prior owner wasn’t looking and I enjoyed it very much. 

100% based on this new and totally disturbing revelation, I am dropping the price on this "no-longer-virgin" Ducati to $4495.

I'll never be able to look at her again without a jaundiced eye.... 🥶

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30 minutes ago, Tonik said:

Personally I would have charged more for @MidgetTodd 's nut rub.

He prolly should have clarified whether with--or without--tightey whiteys.

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12 hours ago, MidgetTodd said:

Well I don’t wear tighties sooo.....


12 hours ago, MidgetTodd said:

What else disturbing do I need to mention to get it lowered again 😂

Damn dude, I'd say yer doin' a pretty good job so far.... 😂

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      Full touring pack with side and top cases, including liners. 
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