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Dirt bike racing Beginner questions


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Hi yall... i have a 13 yr old son that wants to get into racing dirt bikes.. i bought him a cheap 125cc apollo semiautomatic to get a feel for riding and learn... i also bought a 99 kx 80cc 2 stroke he will ride once he is comfortable on his 125 and i feel like he can ride it safely... we live 45 min south of Columbus..Do or is there, tracks that allow a cheap apollo bike to practice on, on open days and is there a race class for the apollo bikes for a 13yr old beginner that wont get him hurt for lack of experience? Also once hes on the 80cc what would be a good beginner's class for him... just trying to get him into the sport and do it as safe as we can and have some fun... thanks

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Fast Tracks holds a lot of summer events and even has beginner classes and open practices. Briar Cliff is also a great set up for beginners as they have a beginner track, keep him off of the pro track though as there are a lot of the jumps that he would need to clear and some very fast riders that are not expecting to turn a corner or come over a jump and have a new guy in the line.

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COCR is in Sugar Grove, and we'll have a couple of open practices this year.  I should have the website updated by this weekend.

We are a private club made up of volunteers.  You can have 24/7 access if you become a member.  Let me know if you are interested.


Here is another website that is great for finding local MX events http://www.pitracer.com/


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8 hours ago, bowdog said:

Looks like an awesome thing you guys have going there Ron!

Thanks!  Our big races of the year are typically the Buckeye Series Races.  The place gets packed, and there is some really great racing, even for spectators.  A lot of the local pros have, at one time or another, been on the National seen as well.  

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