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Motorcycle Photo Challenge 2020 -- Pandemic Edition


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It's been a long, long time since we've done this... 

  • Picture must be taken AFTER the challenge is announced. Please don't use pre-existing photos. Cheaters will be publicly shamed, possibly beaten, probably banned. 
  • No photoshops. Duh. 
  • First person to meet the challenge by posting a photo of their bike with the object/in the place gets to pick the next challenge. 
  • Picture must be taken off the bike. Don't do anything stupid or illegal. Another duh. 

I've shortened the rules list and made it easier. 

For example, if the challenge is Big Muskie, I'd post: 


Previous version of the game for reference:

First challenge: American flag. So, go out with the bike, and take a picture of it with an American flag somewhere in frame. Be safe. Go! 

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4 hours ago, SpecialEd said:

Jared, did you ever get her her own bike? If so, what did you buy?

Nope, she needs to take safety foundation class. @RidersDiscount hooked us up with Sena 20S dual pack and some other gear and we've done about 750 miles together this year. The house is selling and she wants to travel the country for a month or two, so my bike is actually for sale. Will get another as soon as we return and have her take the msf class.

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2 hours ago, Killer_kaw said:

State park entrance sign


I went past old man's cave earlier today and they still have the parking lots closed and the gates locked.  Never thought to take a picture or I could have had this one.  

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