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Competition Werkes GP Race Slip-On Exhaust

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We miss the good old days of stink wheels, that two stroke odor aside, the exhausts were works of art, especially the expansion chambers. Successive conical pieces of metal tubing welded together, when done by a skilled tradesman, created beautiful  pipes which were worthy of admiration.


GP Race exhausts from Competition Werkes certainly show there’s a good bit of reverence for the same in their R&D department! Check out those link pipes.


Each muffler is built using stainless steel link pipes that are expertly welded together to recreate the looks of the aforementioned two-stroke pipes of yore were made. The large diameter pipes ensure optimal, unrestricted exhaust gas flow all the way through the large muffler opening.


The muffler itself provides for the minimalist look while being made of high-quality metals for long-lasting good looks.


It’s all welded, by hand, by skilled craftsmen to accommodate the good looks of any bike its bolted to!


You know the routine -  give Mike a call on 866.931.6644 to get this, or any other Competition Werkes component sent straight to your door. Of course, forum@ridersdiscount.com or a PM works, too, just be sure to include the model and year of your machine so we can get you sorted out proper!

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