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AIM Light Force Clutch Slave Cylinder for 2017+ Touring Models

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This nifty little part will make cruising through heavy traffic significantly easier on your clutch hand.


Upon installation of AIM’s Light Force clutch slave cylinder, you’ll notice a 40% decrease in clutch lever effort on your hydraulic-clutch equipped Harley-Davidson. In addition to that, clutch feel will change, too – you’ll notice initial bite is closer to the handlebar, and also, a wider friction zone. So, in addition to easing the work required to pull the clutch lever, you’ll find it easier to modulate it too!


All you have to do is install this behind the factory transmission end cover, bleed it and you’re all set. Installation is easy with no permanent modifications required!


These parts are not yet available on website.


To order yours, call 866.797.2113 and speak with Mike on ext. 818. You can also PM us here, or send an email to forum@ridersdiscount.com (be sure to tell us what you’re riding!) and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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