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Chickenhawk Racing Professional Line Digital Tire Warmers

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The finest tire warmers you can buy, made in America and ready for the world, if you’re looking for the best, Professional Line tire warms from Chickenhawk Racing are where it’s at!


 Many of us here at Riders Discount towers have been users, and sometimes abusers – of Chickenhawk tire warmers for decades because they work, they’re consistent and when you do muck them up, either through negligence or accident, the Redhook New York-based company’s customer service has been outstanding.


You’ll find these tire warms wrapped around the wheels of some of the fastest riders thanks to their ease-of-use, simple, rugged design and superior heat output. Each Professional Line warmer uses a full-coverage heating element that provides a uniform distribution of heat across the entire carcass. The result is more even tire wear, faster heating (and retention thereof) and lower lap times.


The distinctive chrome aluminized Kevlar exterior lining of each warmer sits opposite a Nomex-insulating lining that is as durable as it is good looking. Common racetrack matter, dirt and grime, are shrugged off by the rugged materials for years, and we mean YEARS – of reliable, use.


Setting tire temperature is as simple as the push of on the DTC3 controller. A small display allows you to adjust final tire temp anywhere up to 225 degree Fahrenheit. Yes, you could theoretically boil water with these things. Once temp is set, the warmers will automatically get your tires up to the indicated temperature and stay there without any input on your part. Just plug it in, set it, and walk away.


With your tires perfectly up to temperature before you head out on track, you can expect knee-down confidence from the first turn on. That, and significantly improved tire life, not to mention less money spent on bodywork and other parts due to cold tire crashes!


To order yours, call Mike on 866.931.6644 ext. 818, send a PM here, or email forum@ridersdiscount.com with CHICKENHAWK PROFESSIONAL TIRE WARMERS in the subject line, and be sur to let us know what bike you’re riding so we can get you sized up correctly, and we’ll get back to you right away!

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We've had a few people ask what the difference is between the Classic Line CHR warmers and the Professional Line CHR warmers.    The Professional Line uses 185 feet of heating element in each warmer compared to 85 feet of element in the Classic Line.   The additional element and an extra layer of insulation provides a more evenly distributed heat output.   Call 866-931-6644 to order!


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