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Attack Performance Linear Rate Suspension Linkage

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OEM shock linkages are built to handle both, solo and two-up riding. While that’s good for street riders that like to ride two-up often, the mostly solo rider is losing out on rear end feel. If you’re a trackday rider, then this will certainly provide improved rear end feel, increased confidence and lower lap times at the race track.  Available for the 2011-2015 ZX10 as well as the 2006-2012 and 2013+ Triumph 675/675R.


Stock shock linkages are built with a progressive rate design which makes it harder to move the swingarm over larger bumps. Or, if you’re a particularly fast rider, the compromise in feel will be noticeable, especially once you swap out linkages with this Attack Linkage kit.


Everything you need to improve rear end feel is in the box, all-aluminum construction with built-in, high-quality bearings is standard. All you need to do is swap out the stock components, re-use the OEM hardware and hit the road for improved suspension performance.


To order yours, call Mike on 866.931.6644 extension 818. You can also PM us here, email forum@ridersdiscount.com with ATTACK LINEAR LINK in the subject line, and the exact model and year of your machine, and we’ll get you tidied up with this simple, but very effective kit.

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