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Innteck Showa SSF-Air TAC Air Fork Glide Kit with SKF Fork Seals

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For those of your riding a bike fitted with Showa’sSSF-Air TAC forks, you can easily improve your bike’s front end performance over small bumps thanks to the significantly reduced drag using the components included with Innteck’s Fork Glide Kit. Overall front end feel will be improved and you’ll also have a more noticeable response from compression and rebound damping changes, too. The overall result is improved front end feel which means lower lap times on the circuit, and increased confidence out on the trail.


The kit includes a revised air piston separator for the air fork, and new set of cartridge seals from SKF for both forks. Better seals are also included for the air and fork cartridge units themselves, which of course, also use SKF’s legendary fork seals. Installation, thanks to the air fork’s simplified design, is a rather straight forward affair. The kit even comes with a USB stick with video instructions.


If you’re comfortable with swapping fork springs on your dirt bike, then you’ll certainly be able to handle the work of installing these components. If you’ve never done fork service work, we also have the requisite fork cap wrench available, fork oil and external seals too! Since you’re already in the forks, you might as well do a complete rebuild while you’re at it.


This kit fits Kawasaki 2016-2018 Kawasaki KX450F models.


To order one of these awesome kits, call Mike on 866.931.6644 ext 818, PM us here, or send a note to forum@ridersdiscount.com with INNTECK AIR FORK GLIDE KIT in the subject line, and please be sure to let us know exactly what machine it is that you’re riding so we can get you dialed in.

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