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Motoholders Fairing Stay

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Motoholders fairing stays are the choice of top teams all over the world. Each unit features all-aluminum construction and has provisions for fitting the OEM instruments.


We have these stays available in two styles: street and race (pictured you will find an example of the 2013+ 675 in a "race" version). The "street" version works with the OEM bodywork and allows for the installation of mirrors in the stock location. The race fairing stay provides the bare minimum; fittings for the OEM instrument cluster and ears for attaching aftermarket bodywork.


Either unit is built in a durable, workmanlike manner that’s much easier to repair in the event of a crash than the stock cast aluminum stay.


To order yours, call Mike on 866.931.6644 ext 818, send an email to Forum@RidersDiscount.com or PM us right here; however you do it, please be sure to let us know exactly what machine it is that you’re riding by make, year, and model so we can get you set up right!

RD Motoholders Triumph 675 Fairing Stay 1.JPG

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Motoholders fairing stay for the 11+ GSXR600/750




Call Mike to order today!

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