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Five RFX Race Gloves

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Expertly assembled using 160 individual elements per glove, RFX Race gloves from Five are the premier model from the French manufacturer and the same ones you’ll find covering the hands of the best motorcycle racers in the world. After your first ride, you’ll understand why so many world class riders wear these gloves when the green flag drops.


Five spent five years designing, testing and evaluating the RFX Race before it was ready for production. Different materials were evaluated for the ability not only to withstand the rigors or racing, but also for their comfort and durability. 

Leather over a Kevlar lining in Five’s signature style, serves as the foundation to which everything else is affixed, including a set of thermoset carbon fiber knuckle protectors. This particular material differentiates itself from standard carbon fiber covers in that it’s formed in an autoclave as opposed to be setting a vacuum mold by itself. The results are stronger, yet lighter pieces that serve as hard armor for your knuckles which often take the hardest hit in a crash landing. The remaining carbon fiber guards are standard  molded affairs that are more than apt to function in their positions.


Stretch Kevlar panels are affixed over leather on the index and ring fingers while an extra swatch of accordion leather links the outer two fingers. All of which, is held in place with Kevlar stitching. You’ll find goatskin on the palms and a unique Kevlar stretch material over the wrists which is then covered by a leather strap which holds everything firmly on your hands. Pitards leather is added in high-wear areas of the palms that don’t interrupt the translation of front end feel to your hands.



These are the same gloves that Michel Pirro was wearing when he left the seat of his Ducati at 165mph while approaching Mugello’s San Donato. While he did suffer a concussion and a dislocated shoulder, the gloves were certainly a factor in preventing serious injury to his hands in that particular fall.

The gloves come to you in a presentation-grade box that also includes a detailed guide on the construction of the same along with a high-quality mesh storage bag.


To order these stellar gloves and take advantage of expert sizing advice, call Mike on 866-931-6644 ext 818, send  a PM or a note to Forum@RidersDiscount.com with FIVE RFX RACE GLOVES in the subject line and we’ll get back to you right away.

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