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I’ve got some ammo I’m looking to offload. Got at least ten (10) 500rd bricks I’m looking to sell possibly more need to check. I’ll consider all reasonable offers. PM for details an offers you can text/call me at 614.407.6611id you want. 

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    • By Jst2fst
      I’ve got a .22lr for sale never shot it comes  with at least 2-3 magazines 30rd capacity. Asking $275 obo I’ve got ammo for it as well will sell as a package deal if you want the ammo I’ve got for sale as well.  Can PM for details or call/text me at 614.407.6611
    • By JapanRider92
      I have about 900 rds of TulAmmo that I'd like to get rid of. The price I saw online was about $0.23/rd. So I'll do all 900 for $180. 
      Would also consider trading for .223/5.56
    • By myhondas
      So having over 35 years go by without doing it, I have just gotten back into the reloading mode.  Updated the old Rock Chucker Press with a new Rock Chucker Supreme single stage one. Went out and ebay ordered the Speer Reloading Manual #14. Have some old powder (Bullseye pistol, IMR4064) and bought some new Bullseye.  Trying to get some new IMR 4064, Blue Dot, & 2400. Mostly going to reload the following calibers: 9mm, 38special, .357magnum, .45ACP, .30 Carbine, .223/5.56, .308/7.62, 30.06. So far, I have only reloaded a handful of 38 & 357. I don't see many problems with the straight wall reloading with the exception of some of the 9mm where it looks like there is a primer lining or a crimp ring in the primer pocket which makes priming with a new one difficult and hard on the primer arm. Also, I have been corncob tumbling the used brass and wonder how to clean the interior of the casing of the residue after tumbling. Is there an easy way to "wash" the brass? One thing I will say is that RCBS is fantastic for their customer service. I somehow lost the expander plug in the die for the 38/357 and they are sending one out free of charge. I expected to pay for it, but they stated that it is warranty so no charge. WOW!   Price of ammo is low these days with some exceptions, but I wanted to have the ability to save a little more with the reloading. Plus it eliminates the necessity of relying on stores for purchasing ammo when there are shortages. Really looking for any suggestions, opinions, and useful helpful info to get me back into the swing of things.
    • By FIJI-9-Brother
      I have decided to sell the Tiller. This is a great bike and many of you have seen and heard it the last two years. 
      I am the 3rd owner at least. I bought it from a CPD Sergeant who was too beat up from duty to ride the TLR anymore.
      just under 19k miles  $3900
      Full Dual Stainless Yosh RS3 
      shortie adjustable brake and clutch levers
      Timing Retard Eliminator
      I have it wired with blue and white LED's to a switch on left side, i can easily remove them if you aren't interested
      Auxiliary fan switch on R handlebar controls (factory setting is pretty high)
      Have Rear seat and Solo cowl
      New (300mi) Rear Battle Ax BT 003 190/55
      Front tire is getting worn down
      New Battery
      Service within last 250-500 Miles
      Full service check with fluid replacement
      Brake pads front and rear
      New Chain and Sprockets
      Valve check and adjustment
      Throttle Bodies balanced
      TPS checked and balanced
      bought the heat shields for exhaust off flea bay - hence the scratches
      (bike has not been down to my knowledge)
      I really love this bike but there are so many other bikes I want to own and experience its time for her to go.
      Im posting more pics today but here is one.
      Thanks for looking.

      Price reduced 3900...
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