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New route10/3

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I took a nice ride today. I rode my usual route over to Fredericktown. Then Fredericktown-Amity road past @2talltim’s road, Amity-Danville into Danville. From there it’s 514 to 520 to 62. 62 runs into 83 just south of Millersburg. 83 south to 78, 78 into McConnellsville to 669 heading northwest. 669 to 13 to Somerset where I picked up 668. 668 to Brownsville road past Flint Ridge. Into Newark to jump on 657, took it into Centerberg. From there I am less than 30 miles from home. This was a really nice loop of 270 miles on some nice roads. This the first time that put these into a route. I will be making this one of my regular routes. Here’s a pic from Flint Ridge.


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