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bike 2013 Speed Triple ABS

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I've been kicking around the idea of selling my old girl for awhile now.. I primarily use it to commute to work with the occasional KY run but the dust I cleaned off of her this past weekend says otherwise! She is loved but I want her to go to a home that will ride her like she needs. 


2013 Speed Triple ABS (not R) 
Stock except for bar-end mirrors and front "fairing" 
~4k miles (add more if the weather stays as beautiful as it has been) 







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It would appear that between the tears of making this post I forgot to toss in the all important price, I have it posted for $5500 on Cycle Trader but I'm asking OR $5000. 

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19 hours ago, NinjaDoc said:

dayum, some one should buy this now ....




Thank you, it really sucks to see her go... Between taking the kids to\from school and events I just don't have time to get out and about anymore on the street. 

Maybe this will make room for an sv650 track toy though? Who knows such things (as long as my wife is the last to know, life is good)!? 

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Thats hawt.

The only thing hotter is the thought of an sv650 track toy. If I werent thinking of making a run at a championship next year I'd say talk me into selling mine.

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Additional eye candy after this weekends ride and cleaning! 

Pretty girl.. 









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    • By flashesbuck
      I kinda want this out of my garage. If it goes into storage, it may never be seen again. Street legal DRZ400E. This is a true off road DRZ with the better carb. IT IS STREET LEGAL with a street title. If you message me asking if it has a street title, I will loose my shit. Im also very firm at $2000. Ill toss it into storage for any less. 
      Brand new Tach/speedo, I pulled the card in the spring and cleaned it, and replaced all the old and brittle vent lines. New DOT tires and tubes. It does have Warp9 rims, with bead locks, but I did not install the bead locks when I put the tires on. Take a look at the pics, lots of aftermarket bits on the bike installed by previous owner. Bike runs fine. I had plans of doing a supermoto conversion but I dont have the time, or the space for another bike. 

    • By what
      Any of you that have ridden with me over the last 3 years know this bike. I haven't ridden it really at all this year except down at the Gap, since my focus has shifted more towards racing and track and I don't want it just sitting around because it's a great bike, and it deserves a great, active lifestyle. I wasn't going to post this until spring, but I figured why not get a head start. 
      I don't have a lot of aftermarket on this bike. Here's a list of what it does have:
      New grips - old grips were worn
      Fresh DID chain + sprockets, probably only 200 miles on them if even
      Fly screen/cowl over headlights
      Center stand - currently off the bike but is easy to re-attach
      Dunlop Q3's - takeoffs from my track bike, only had 1 track day on them... still some life left, maybe 30 or 40%
      Battery Tender leads - I know, can you believe I'm willing to let this go with the bike? Wow!
      Everything else is stock. 
      I keep up with maintenance. It has had the 12,000 and 24,000 mile services done at Motohio. The bike had 22,000 miles at the time, I just decided to get it done early so I didn't have to bring it in over the summer. I don't think I actually hit 24,000 yet. I'm the 3rd owner.

    • By Pauly
      Listed for $2500 online. OhioRiders price is $2000, obo. You can have the bike, all the stock parts and the Corbin saddle with a fair offer. 
      Very motivated to move this bike. 

    • By Jst2fst
      Selling bike due to loosing job so I won’t be able to flex too much on the price. I’m selling my 2003 Honda CBR600RR with roughly 27-29,000 miles on it. Bike has been sitting since last year can’t seem to figure out an electrical issue. Bike was running when I parked it last. The bike does has damage to the plastics but nothing too sever  the clutch cover has damage but it hasn’t leaked in the 7-8 years I’ve had it. The throttle cables were replaced as well clutch cable  I’ve routed a spare cable along the new one as a habit. Tires have less than 500 miles on them Bridgestone Battlelax front and rear. I’ve got some other items that could potentially go with the bike. I have Motocentric soft luggage that I’d be willing to sell as well saddle bags roll bag and tank bag.
      Bike has add on:
      Hotbodies racing exhaust with undertail fender eliminator kit with integrated turn signals.
      Real brake light is smoke color has  integrated turn signals.
      Frame sliders(swing arm, bar end sliders) as well.
      Corbin seat
      Black wind screen 
      New battery June 2018
      New stator June 2018
      New regulator Rectifier June 2018
      New front brakes and rotors June 2018
      Stainless steel braided lines coated in black plastic. 
      90 degree air valves on wheels 
      Adjustable clutch, brake levers
      12 volt weather proof outlet on upper tree 
      Turn signal mirrors smoke color
      I’ll consider all reasonable offers please keep the bullshit to a minimum. I know the bikes old and beat to shit I just need to keep the lights on here. I’ve got some other items I’m selling just look for the post. 

    • By MidgetTodd
      Spotless like new Street Triple 675R. 3000 miles.
      Completely stock with exception of mirrors, levers, windscreen and gel seat inserts. Those stock pieces come with it as well. Also have a lowering kit and adjustable kick stand not installed but included in sale. Dealer serviced and brand new battery and Dunlop Q4 tires. Suspension just set up by Ryan at 28.  Needs absolutely nothing and not a scratch on it. Never been crashed or dropped. I’m the 2nd owner. I just don’t ride it as you can see by the miles and would rather have a pontoon boat.
      That being said, that is the only reason I’m selling and the only thing I’d be interested in trading for.
      Clean clear title in hand ready to go.
      Listed for $6000 elsewhere.  
      $5200 to ORDN midget lovers.