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Motion Pro Tire Pressure Gauge

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Motion Pro Proper tire pressure is critical if you expect to have a safe, let alone proper-handling, ride. And especially, if you want fast laps at the track.


A quick, two minute job is all it takes to make sure you're ready for the road, but you need an accurate tire pressure gauge to do the job properly!


Motion Pro's tire pressure gauges are just the ticket.


Available in two pressure reading ranges, 0-30 PSI and 0-60 PSI, each gauge comes with a liquid-filled 2-1/2" dial with easy-to-read hash marks with PSI readings on the outer side of the scale and a KPa reading on the inner side.


The dial itself is affixed atop an aluminum body that also houses a pressure relief valve. The valve's large release button is easily throttled for quick and precise pressure release. Opposite the dial, a flexible hose with swiveling brass fittings at either end is attached which makes getting into tight spaces easy.


Each unit is backed by a two year manufacturer warranty and ships to you calibrated and ready for use!


Call 866.931.6644 ext 818 and talk to Mike to order yours today!

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