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Akrapovic Racing Line Exhaust System for Yamaha YZF-R6 2017-2019

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Arguably the most recognizable brand on the market, Akrapovic brings exceptional performance to an already stellar performer in the 600cc class. Like all Racing Line Exhausts from Akrapovic, this one is built using premium stainless steel from the primary headers all the way back to the muffler’s link pipe. From there, a beautiful all-titanium muffler is affixed where it bellows the sweet sound of power at the command of your wrist through a carbon fiber end cap. To keep your boot from melting against the muffler, a carbon fiber heat shield fits over the front of the muffler. Not only does it keep goo from melting on the pipe, but it also makes the exhaust look the business.


A removable sound insert is fitted as standard. All you need to do us remove a single bolt to pull that device from the muffler if you want all-out sound. And being an Akrapovic exhaust, it IS all about the sound. Igor and company at the Slovenian factory do their best to make sure their exhausts have a smooth, pleasing tone.


In terms of performance, two factors come into play – first, the exhaust weighs 11.2 less than the OEM system – a not insignificant number. And then, when properly tuned with a stock engine, Akrapovic claims an almost 10 horsepower boost at 12,700 RPM. That’s a fat punch for mid-range power. In fact, from about 7000 RPM all the way to redline, you get a solid bump in engine performance. To get that tune, be sure to add a Power Commander V to your order, download the ready-made tuning map, and you’re good to go!


Like all Akrapovic exhausts, craftsmanship is second-to-none and everything fits just as right. Inside the shipping carton, you’ll find a full set of instructions with pictures along with all of the required installation hardware.


You know the routine -  give TJ or Mike a call on 866.931.6644 to get this, or any other Akrapovic component sent straight to your door. Of course, forum@ridersdiscount.com or a PM works, too!

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