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Hocking to Gallipolis Loop

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If anyone is heading south thru the Hocking area down to the river Gallipolis town I found a nice flowing route. We turned south off OH56 at New Plymouth 328 down to 93 McArthur then 324-160-Wilkesville (Rt. 160 Restaurant****) 160 south-Bidwell-850S-588S into Gallipolis (Courtside Grill*****) then home 7 north past Middleport-143N-Baker short cut by-pass Albany to 681N-56 and 278 into Nelsonville. Great asphalt roads for Sport or Barge type motorbike.



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Yes, family responsibilities take me down to the Pomeroy area regularly and I've tried every possible combination of roads between there and Columbus over the years. Those are among the good ones on the southeastern half of my trip.

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