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State Routes 146-555-78-83

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Hi guys. New here and saw this section and thought I'd share. 

I'm from the Cambridge OH area and yesterday I rode 146 out of Pleasant City through Chandlersville and Carlwick. Stopped in Carlwick at (maybe the only?) little general store and had breakfast. Then on to Zanesville. 

In Zanesville jumped on 555 and took that all the way to A&B Carryout and got a "Triple Nickel" shirt. The ladies there were also very nice in letting me use their Windex and paper towels to clean a giant bug off my visor. 

Between A&B Carryout and Ringold a group of riders caught up to me (I was behind a car) and rode together for a mile or so before they took off down 555 while I went straight on 78. Probably would've stayed riding with them if I knew they were turning. I was debating on turning toward McConnellsville down 78 or continuing on 555.

Ate at the Chatterbox Tavern in McConnelsville. Quaint little town, good restaurant, nice overall. Only LE I saw was one car in McConnelsville. 

Went down 78 to the Big Muskie bucket. Hung out there for a bit. Then hopped on 83 and went up through Cumberland. 

Everywhere I went there were bikes, but no real traffic, and the whole time I was only stuck behind cars maybe 3 times and never for long. It was 130 miles overall and a great time. I'll be repeating it for sure. 


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