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Steve Butters

Mobile jump pack recommendations

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On 5/26/2019 at 12:56 PM, Steve Butters said:

I bought the one from the link... Thanks for suggesting me away from anker!... The clamps sold me on this one over DB power... It doesn't fit under my seat, so it'll have to be in my tank bag which means it won't be left out in the heat for too long... Should all be good... I'll let yall know the first time it saves me 😂

The one from the link has already come in handy for me and it's awesome. I jumped my 1.5L ford fusion with it and the car was so dead it didn't even register as being hooked up to the meter (it has a manual bypass mode where it sends electricity even if it doesn't detect the battery, for the cases.) And the little tiny clamps were great! I had the car jumped a second time by a tow truck who had a standard car sized jump box (the big ones) and the clamps were so big he had trouble getting a good ground on my car. The bolt on the fender wasn't quite doing it and it took him forever to smash the clamp back in where the negative terminal was. The little jump pack worked so well I didn't even anticipate any problems, and I connected it to that same fender bolt he was trying to use. Also managed to fit it under the seat of my bike, which is a miracle if you could see the pathetic "storage" area I have. This jump box, a kickstand pad, 2 allen wrenches, and my registration/insurance and the seat is CRAMMED down.

If anyone is looking for one of these, I highly recommend this one:




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