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Driven Evo-Spec Steel Sprockets

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An exceptional tradeoff between durability and longevity, Driven Racing produces a wide range of Evo-Spec 520 steel rear sprockets that look the business and usually outlast the stock rear sprocket.


Each sprocket starts with stainless steel that is then carefully machined not only for perfect flatness, but also, so that each tooth matches every link on your 520 chain. Wherever safely possible, additional material is removed on the sprocket’s surface to reduce unsprung weight as much as possible. In many cases, though it is an all-steel rear sprocket, the unit itself is surprisingly light.


Once machining is completed, the sprocket is then black zinc finished for long-lasting good looks and also, reduced friction at the chain/sprocket interface. And finally, a part number is laser-etched in each chainwheel so there’s absolutely no confusion as to what sprocket you’re putting on your bike.


About the only thing you’ll want to do is match the Evo-Spec rear sprocket with a Driven countershaft sprocket. All the features you find in the Evo-Spec rear sprocket are the same for the front item, right down to the material and finish used.


And don’t forget to take advantage of our awesome D.I.D chain special when ordering your sprockets. Having replaced all three driveline items on your bike, you can expect exceptional longevity!


We have these sprockets available in a 520 pitch for a wide range of late-model fast bikes. To get yours, give TJ a call on 866.931.6644 ext 817, send a PM or just email us with DRIVEN STEEL SPROCKETS in the subject line along with the make, year and model of your machine. And of course, please be sure to specify the tooth count you’d like or just tell us about your riding needs and we’ll get you perfectly geared up!

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2008 FZ6

15/48, with a 120 link chain.

Please PM me with prices for these sprockets and the Renthal kit. 

Thank you. 

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