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heat shrink hose clamps?

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yeah, IF  is the problem. lol.  hey I noticed Lowe's sells all those special hose clamps all the manufactures use on our bikes now. they also had the crimp tool for them.  they keep it all back in the plumbing isle.  but I have no idea if the clamps diameters would work on most bikes. 

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oeticker clamps. I just used mini end cutter pliers to crimp. it's annoying needing to know the perfect compressed size of the outside of the hose though.and they're more limited in starting size sliding over barbs. I needed 2 different size clamps for the ends of the same hose. In the theme of my bike's 13mm bolt love, I had to special order my clamp sizes from carquest course I also changed my in tank lines from barricade to nylon.

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