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Alpinestars GP Plus V2 Leather Suit

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There’s no place you can’t ride with an Alpinestars GP Plus V2 Leather Suit. Track-tested and road-rider approved, you’ll find yourself secure and comfortable whizzing down the road, and for everything you get at this price, it pays compliment to your wallet, too!


Assembled using a series of carefully cut, industry-standard 1.3mm thick cowhide, Alpinestars draws on decades of experience to carefully stitch the whole affair together for a comfortable, yet flexible fit. Accordion-type stretch leather is put in all the right places: shoulders, elbows and lower back. These panels are aided by Hyper-Res Stretch Fiber (HRSF) material in the crotch, back and shoulders that allow you to move about the bike unencumbered while finding the line. Inside the suit, a 3D mesh liner is fitted as standard. This material is comfortable and it too, permits movement without feeling like you’re caught up in some invisible straight jacket.


Impact forces are assuaged by a range of CE-certified armor inserts in all the right places: knees/shins, elbows/forearms, and shoulders. Each of these pieces is carefully shaped not only for comfort, but also to keep them positioned properly while you ride. After all, what good is the armor if it’s not where it needs to be when you hit the ground! Once you’ve got yourself into the suit, you’ll find each of these items makes their way to a proper position easily. Outside, on the shoulders a panels you’ll Dynamic Friction Shields DFS inserts made of flexible plastic on top of foam padding. Each DFS unit (there’s another pair on the knees), protect what used to be, some of the most vulnerable joints in a suit. Finally, you can add a range of Nucleon back protectors as an internal upgrade to this suit.


An adjustable snap-in panel is fitted just below the base of the neck allowing you to get a just-right fit on your Nucleon back protector. Chest pad compartments are also standard, so you can add a Nucleon chest protector to cover your ribs, too!


And then, we come to the matter of wear parts: knees, and now, elbow. The former are looked after with a set of Alpinestars knee sliders that not only last, but also, provide just the right amount of feel when ‘reet over. Elbows also have removable sliders that are fixed in place with a small set screw. If you corner low, you no longer need to duct tape your elbows after a session on track.


The suit is available in a wide range of sizes, and you’ll be sure to get the right one by calling TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817.   He’ll get you properly sized up and everything shipped out pronto. Email works too, send those to forum@ridersdiscount.com or just PM us here and we’ll have you cinched up in no time!

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In these two photos you will see the Dynamic Friction Shields DFS inserts on the shoulders and knees.  Call TJ to discuss our suit options.  



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