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AGV Pista R Carbon Fiber Valentino Rossi Winter Test 2018 Replica Helmet

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For the consummate helmet collector, or any Valentino fan, AGV’s winter test helmets have always presented an opportunity to get a piece of the man himself on your head. Inspired by the bead murals made by the Huichol people of central Mexico, this lid is as festive as it’s protective. Adorning the helmet’s exterior is a lavish assortment of decals carefully arranged over compound curves. You may find yourself admiring the style for the beauty in its simple elegance.



The helmet itself is none other than AGV’s top-of-the-line Pista R Carbon Fiber model. A glimpse past the decals reveals layers of expertly-laid of carbon fiber which easily meet ECE and DOT safety regulations. Under that shell is an EPS liner that’s formed with five layers of material, each with its own density formula to mitigate impact pressures. Protection is not a question here as this helmet was built to work in the most demanding motorcycle racing environment on earth; MotoGP.


This single-mindedness comes to light when you notice that none of the vents have an open/close mechanism, but rather an all-or-nothing approach; you can remove the rubber vent cover, or keep it in place. Other than arranging which top front intakes to leave open/closed, there’s not much to it. After all, when was the last time you saw any racer fiddling with ventilation mid-race?


On the aft side, and finally on a mass-produced helmet that’s available to the public – AGV’s Biplano aero spoiler. This, for those that are fast enough, will be appreciated when you’re in a full tuck, riding along at over a ton, it smooths out the bobble and it looks the business wherever you go. On this particular helmet, it’s a clear affair so as not to lose sight of the gorgeous spotted landscape below. And, you’ll find that it’s not molded into she outer shell itself, but instead affixed with break-away hardware so as not to snag on anything when you (regrettably) hit the ground.


Another nice touch, that’s again, straight from the world of those that get paid to crash bikes, is an integrated hydration system. Straight out of the box you have a carefully routed pipe that, when affixed to the hydration system of your choice (some work required there!), you can have the drink of your choice, hands-free, delivered while you haul the mail down the straightway at your local race track.


Which brings us to the inside liner – it’s a well-made affair (Italian furniture has always been nice), without a seam to touch your head. That is to say, all the stitching is positioned on the helmet-facing side of the liner, which, while seemingly a minor point, serves to improve the liner’s helmet moisture-wicking ability and also, eliminates the itchiness that sometimes can be annoying for anyone with less than a full head of hair.


This is a top-quality, Italian Made helmet that’s worthy of the GOAT’s honor, get a piece of yours here before they’re gone!


Available in seven interior sizes using four tailor-made exterior shell sizes, only 3,000 of this particular design was made. Get in touch with TJ for the best sizing guidance in the business. Send a note to forum@ridersdiscount.com, give TJ a call at 866-931-6644 ext 817 or just shoot us a PM and we’ll get right back to you.

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You won't find a much better looking helmet than the Rossi Winter Test 2018.  


The Pista GP R Rossi helmets are still made in Italy.


Here is a better shot of the built in hydration tube.


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AGV just recently put this graphic on closeout.  If this helmet interests you, I would encourage you to reach out.  Call us at 866-931-6644!


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The removable and washable liner with the stitching positioned on the helmet-facing side.  Call 866-931-6644 to order today!


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