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OG the most hated guess bike thread after many years :)

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45 minutes ago, 2talltim said:

I was actually heartbroken for you when that bike didn't pan out. :( 

Appreciated, but not necessary. Everything works out in the end. I have no regrets about it. The FZ6 will be much more fulfilling to own. 

4 minutes ago, motocat12 said:

Since you hated it, did you put conti-motions on it before you sold it?

Nah.. sold it with worn out PR3s. I have a set of Metzlers in the basement that I bought for it. Kept those. 

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2 hours ago, jschaf said:

All the best to you Nivin. Funny how you keep coming back to bikes. 

What about you Jim? Any thoughts of getting back on 2 wheels?

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