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ADV Ride with Max Power. 11/25/18

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Had a great ADV ride With Max's and three other gent's down south of Hocking. Fog staid around way to long but temp were around 48 Avg. saw some sun and 50's near the end. Great time was had.

46007338442_2d3343f888_c.jpgNovember ADV Ride-00-00-01-824 by

46007338302_e32a10bfde_c.jpgNovember ADV Ride-00-04-30-960 by

46012774772_88e94e0389_c.jpgNOV ADV 1 by

45338433224_37ae2710e3_c.jpgNOV ADV 2 by

46012774632_e24c6ac803_c.jpgNOV ADV 3 by

46012774442_a42593f099_c.jpgNOV ADV 4 by

45338432764_1460d5aa82_c.jpgNOV ADV 5 by

45150884495_d7a4f35d10_c.jpg100_0052 by

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I was thinking about it, but I need Whaler to mount my new rear tire. One on the DR is bald

nice pictures

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