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MABDR a Fall ADV ride

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Kind of last minute but a friend and his dad invited me to join them riding the MABDR https://ridebdr.com/MABDR

We started with 400 miles of slab Sunday, mostly I77 but we did take a detour over "Back of the Dragon". Three bikes on knobbies with riders cold and stiff from hours on the freeway don't have quite the pace I did last time with a group from here but it was still a fun pass. 

The route mixed gravel and dirt forest roads with fun and/or scenic paved rural routes. The other riders were on BMW 1200GSAs while I rode my DRZ supermoto with knobbies. The freeway sucks on the DRZ especially in the cold but on the challenge sections the light weight made for a fun time. 













We finished the 1000 mile route Friday about lunch. We got a hot meal at a local diner then slabbed it home before the rain moved in.


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