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Sena SMH-10 for Bell Mag-9

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Bought this bluetooth rig before the helmets changed up and parts dried up. Works great, took a while to set up and pair bluetooth and learn the controls.

Was able to hear incoming phone calls and the Waze navigation app and stuff ok.

Heard the sound isn't real good with the stock speakers, but sounds great to me and plenty loud enough (using both volume controls). I bet some people put the speakers in backwards. Tested with various sound check sample tracks. My old phone doesn't have enough space for storing music. I need a new phone I guess. Wasn't sure if using phone or an mp3 player would be better. Mostly an issue of battery life and recharging time. Best option might be the ability to do either as required. The old phone streaming Pandora uses up the battery quite quick, and heard the battery in the Sena comm unit might not last too long either. So plugging in an mp3 player would have been a nice option, but the 3.5 input jack isn't there. Apparently the correct helmet kit doesn't come with that mic and phones unit. If buying individual parts, there is a different unit that has the 3.5 input jack. BUT, then I read reviews that that 3.5 jack breaks way too easy anyway. So for an extra 35 bucks, maybe, maybe not worth it. Tried my passive (not active) noise suppression earbuds for the mp3 under the helmet with the new speakers in place, and seemed like no difference in fit and comfort. It should be ok to have both in place if I want to.

The Bell Mag-9 is the quietest helmet I've ever had. I can use it without stuff plugged in my ears and it's quiet enough. But when earbuds or earplugs are in place, it lets in a little more noise at higher freeway speeds. You never know till you try...

edit: comm unit wouldn't charge using an old worn usb cable. Bad connection. Had to use a fresh usb charging cable.

edit again: out going phone calls with voice control didn't work. The phone can hear me, but it goofs up what I tell it. Phones fault, I guess. Again, I need a new phone.

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I have the same setup on my Bell Qualifier helmet. I am very happy with it.

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