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riders with anxiety

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I just got off the phone with Michelle at Motorcycle Ohio. After my experience in 2 classes to try to get my endorsement (BRS in July, RR at the end of September), I floated the idea of having a class for riders like me with group anxiety or other possible issues that might need a certain coaching style, smaller group size, etc.  That idea was given to me by a client of mine, who said a soccer club was set up in her area for kids with the same types of issues, and it has had huge success.  Ken Brown, the coordinator for the Hudson High School site, is willing to set aside a class next season if I can get people together to do it. He would be the coach, and it would be a class to get a motorcycle endorsement. My guess is that it would most likely be the Returning Rider course. 

I would need around 5 or 6 riders (no more than that) to be willing to sign up for something like this for them to do it. They are going to see about setting something up in the future that they can advertise on social media, see what kind of response they get. Does anyone here know a rider that would benefit from this? I told Michelle that I would see who I could find, since I personally don't know anybody at the moment. It might be too late for me. I most likely will just have to wait until next season and take the test at the BMV. However, they are willing to give this a go if I can find a few others that would like to do it.

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