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Fatal bike accident in Stark County, August 24th

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The accident report was just posted, and indicates the following:  Bike v Semi.  Bike was in the rightmost left turn lane, and the semi was in the leftmost left turn lane.   Semi drove through the painted center median to reach the turn lane, and the bike made a lane change into tractor unit's drive tires.  A friend of mine drove by soon after and says it was a gruesome sight.


Both vehicles are noted as having performed an improper action and no fault was determined in the accident report.  The police faulting the truck for driving through the median, and faulting the bike for not realizing the truck had made it to the lane and turning into the middle of it.


Regardless - my heart goes out to all involved.  Another biker dead for a momentary lapse in situational awareness, and another driver who has to live with the knowledge his time saving cost a life.


I tend to try to look closely at these things and try to learn lessons from them.  I guess the lesson here for the biker community is that what the Brits call the "Lifesaver look" really does earn its name.  (One extra shoulder check before turning or changing lane, even if you know it's clear). 


Be safe everyone. 

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Though few of us enjoy reading posts such as these, the message is clear. We face cagers who are texting, overdosing on opioids and God knows what else, driving drunk, etc. Don't fall victim to overconfidence. Stay aware of your surroundings and, as my driver's Ed instructor told me nearly 45 years ago, always leave yourself an "out."

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