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Another senseless waste of life . . .

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2 September, 2018
        Unbeknownst to me on this quiescent day that I spent reading on our deck, I learned from a co-worker that Dan, my old boss from an old job, was out riding his trike along with his brothers, mom, and his 64-year-old dad, who were all aboard their motos on Mumford road in Hiram, Ohio sometime in the afternoon. Dan’s mom was on the pillion of his trike. Just west of state route 88, Dan’s dad apparently decided to hot dog it, accelerating from his position at the back of the group and passing everyone on a 1,500cc Yamaha cruiser as he headed into a gradual right turn. He apparently miscalculated his ability to negotiate the bend in the road, locked up the brakes, and then high-sided when the rear tire regained traction with the road, the bike following his body’s airborne trajectory and slamming him against a large tree, crushing him to death and causing the tree to snap and fall on his (likely, at this point) mangled corpse. To further ensure his dad’s demise, the destroyed Yamaha immediately burst into flames. This, in front of the man’s entire family, will be their last memory of his existence . . .
The funeral is this coming Thursday.

Please be careful, guys and gals! Ride within your respective abilities and NEVER take stupid chances . . . 


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