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Gixxus Christ!

Nelson ledges 9/29, who's going?

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Looking at doing my 2nd track day before the season is over. Not sure if it will be Nelson on this date or PIRC on the 15th. Posting to see a few things: where my bubbies at? If Nelson is recommended for 2nd track day, I know it's faster in most areas than PIRC. I'm pretty sure I know who'll be at Pitt the 15th, not sure about Nelson. Also, Nelson is cheaper and closer for me, so there's that. 


I'm leaving this morning for 5 day vacation in Louisville KY where I will he suckling liquid gold from the teat of momma bourbon and losing money on horse races so mid o labor day is out of the question. 

I'll check back once I've got my load on. 

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