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loring, july

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got back from loring, maine a few weeks ago. a long trip, and i'm still gathering up the loose ends. ran my 1965 triumph bonneville on the 12,000 foot runway to a new record in the mile-- 130.946 mph, and in the mile and a half--  134.287. so far as i know, it's now the fastest gasoline production-framed triumph in the world, beating australia (116) and bonneville (123). cams, pipes, jets, and weather all came together on the last day, and i beat the mile record three times and mile and a half record twice. managed 29 runs without going into the motor beyond the removing the clutch to change gearing.

my neighbor in the pits lent me his gopro for what turned out to be the record run:


fastest vehicle there was a late model corvette running 258 in the mile. my neighbor got 203 on his ZX14. took him three days to do it, because he had to find a way through a pavement transition that bounced his machine in the air at 90. i didn't even know there was a problem, because i took it at 40.

going back at the end of the month, then it's time to work on the track bike.




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