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Outage tonight (June 26)


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In an effort to fix an issue a few folks are seeing with the activity streams, to upgrade hardware, and to consolidate servers, I will be taking the site offline tonight for a few hours. Just a heads up. 

Feel free to bitch on Facebook: 


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2 minutes ago, Casper said:

Remember that chat thing we played around with a year or so ago? They fixed the bugs I reported. 

Bugs is being generous. It was a fucking mess. But if it's fixed let's test it again, it was a cool idea.

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6 minutes ago, Tonik said:

Jesus, all he did was turn it off and back on again. Any idiot could do that, and in this case did.

Actually I did a complete reinstall on a new VM. Hence the DNS change. Also went to a single server instead of separate web and db. Also moved the search/stream functionality to Elasticsearch. Also upgraded to MariaDB 10.3. 

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