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Title-ing an offroad bike for onroad use

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I've searched the interwebs and found all kinds of older posts, i.e. 2008, but things have changed a lot since then.   Here's my situation:  Looking at an old DRZ400E (off road only version).  Seller has out of state (PA) title which he never xferred into his name years ago.  He now lives in Ohio.  The PA title has ORV (off road vehicle) as its body type and "Odometer Disclosure Exemption" typed on the title. 
Now, if he can get the Ohio title to not have those things (i.e. MC instead of OR or ORV) when he gets the Ohio title, we're all good.  BUT, worst case scenario, what if he can only get ORV on the Ohio title?  Has anyone converted ORV to on-road RECENTLY?  Past couple years.   I want it to switch "uses" (i.e. no ORV on the Ohio title) when the PA to OH change occurs.  How to best accomplish that.  He'll have the out of state inspection already done, so will be walking into the title office with the PA title and out of state inspection in hand.


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