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1 hour ago, Casper said:

Okay, I think I have it figured out. We have always had it set to unread content in the past 365 days. I've had to prune this occasionally for folks, but never a huge deal. Seems something changed with the way the site generates the queries. Supposedly this was an improvement, however the query optimizer was choosing a different path for many people causing 30s query times to find very few records. I've changed the default to search only the past 90 days for unread posts. It seems to be blazing fast now. Let me know if you all are still seeing slow load times of the "What's New" tab. 

Still noticeably slower but much better. Less than 10 seconds now. I usually open threads in tabs all at once anyways so nbd. 

BTW, I mark site read all the time, so it shouldn't have very much to search... I clear this shit out daily almost 


*edit... After a few more clicks, it seems to be working like normal now for me (no lag) 

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