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Geek Squad is branch of the FBI!

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Child porn is some vile shit and those dues need to get their ass kicked.   The fact that the FBI is paying techs to go "fishing" on devices is what bothers me.  What's next?  


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Those dealing in child pornography should be put in general population.  They should not be given special privileges and put in separate locations. 

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As much as I would like to see people who enjoy kiddie porn being placed inside a Brazen Bull...  It's bullshit to allow a government agency to overstep its constitutional limits by using 'private citizens' to snoop beyond the scope of that citizen's invitation to the property.

Now, if the private citizen discovers the bad stuff in the course of acting in good faith then sure, light 'em up.   But this is no different that paying plumbers to go snooping through your house for evidence of weed while they're fixing your plumbing.



Interesting story - our house was burgled one Christmas day.  The little bastard that robbed us was caught by the police, and in an act of 'scorched earth' he told the cops he saw illegal guns in our house.  So, not only were we burgled, but we were also raided by the police.    In the end they found just an antique collectible and sent it to the police lab to test if it was real.  The lab said it was; "so obviously not a working firearm that it should never have been sent to us."    But, the police were immune from illegal search because "a private citizen reported it", even though that private citizen should not have been in the house.



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