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First real solo ride in a couple years. Cincy to New Alsace and back.

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The stars finally aligned today. "Good enough" weather, sunshine, feeling good, motorcycle that's actually running, ready and waiting in the garage.

Stopped in Delhi (West side 'burb of Cincinnati) to get some quality health food - Arbys. Headed down Anderson Ferry to 50 and headed west to make a bee line to Miami Rd and Brower Rd. (By Harrison's Tomb).  Brower starts slow and straight, but that's offset by the fantastic odor the power plant and asphalt companies create.  After the plant, the bends pick up a bit and it turns into a proper, nice wooded road.   An alternate  route is to dip off of Brower up Cliff Rd. to Dugan's Gap for an amazing view of the Ohio river valley and back down to hook up with Brower, which becomes Lawrenceburg Rd. - should have taken that, but didn't.   Followed Lawrenceburg Rd. across 50 where after a mile or two, the curves start picking up a little and it becomes reasonably wooded as you follow the Whitewater River.   At Jamison Rd. Lawrenceburg Rd. becomes Dearborn Rd. - that's where the fun really starts.  If you don't get stuck behind a Buick, it's a blast reminiscent of KY 10 or 22.  Sweeping bends, tight ones, good sight lines for the most part. Has a nice variety of curves and landscape. 

I stopped at the Marathon on N. Dearborn in Lawrenceburg just in time to see a couple of "sporty" bikes go by as I was heading out.  Couldn't tell what they were with the sun in my face, but seemed like SV650s or something of that nature.  Anyway, what's a guy to do?  Try to catch up!  I'm sure they felt like they were loafing along and cars here and there kept their pace down, but given how rusty I am and I was on the modest Vulcan 500, it was just the right pick up in pace to get the blood flowing.  I stayed a good ways behind them until they turned off somewhere around Rt 1  (don't remember if it was before or after).   I continued a couple miles  New Alsace where I doubled back and opted to head home via Rt. 1 South to 50 East. The sun was getting low and the temp was dropping.

In all, an 85 mile trip.  I don't care if it sounds corny, but I'm just so damned happy - haven't been on a ride like that in WAY too long.  Wish I could have gone further, but the early sunset and temps conspired to keep it short.   

And if you're the riders who were in front of me, I hope I wasn't cramping your style. 

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Doug:  Guess I didn't realize you were a westside guy.  I frequently ride SE Indiana and NKY backroads.  Shoot me a msg if you want company or a partner-in-crime.

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Yeah, I think we talked a couple years ago, but I fell out of riding for a while.  Damn that was stupid. 

I'm not going to say how fast I wound up going on the ol' 500, but it was stupid/fun. Tank mounted speedos suck. Look down, OH SHIT!  

Sure, I wouldn't mind going for a ride. Maybe get a critique how shitty my lines are...

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